How to Install a ProClip USA Adjustable Holder

Learn how to correctly install and adjust a ProClip USA adjustable holder with this simple 5-step process and helpful video tutorial.

How to Install a ProClip USA Adjustable Holder

ProClip USA makes custom phone mounts and device holders to provide a safe and secure spot for you to keep your phone while you’re driving. We have a lineup of adjustable device holders designed to fit most smartphones with cases. You can get started finding the right holder for your phone and case with our Device Finder. If you already have your ProClip USA Adjustable Holder and need help installing it, you’ve come to the right place.

Step #1

  • Completely loosen only the one screw in the center of the holder. Then, using light force, pull the base plate away from the back of the holder. This will separate the Device Holder portion from the Tilt-Swivel base plate, but the swivel ball will stay in place.

Step #2

  • Place the base plate over the matching holes on your vehicle mount. Attach the base plate using the included self-tapping screws. All you’ll need is a standard Phillips head screwdriver.

Step #3

  • Place the holder onto the base plate and reattach it with the center screw. The center screw also controls the pivot; tighter for a firm hold and looser for easier rotation/angling of the holder.

Step #4

  • Loosen the screws above and below the center hole to release the side arms. Dock your phone with protective case in the holder grooves to adjust for correct width. After sizing for correct width, tighten same screws to lock arms in place. (DO NOT fully remove these screws).

Step #5

  • Slide the device into the holder using the grooves. There should be a small gap behind the device and the bottom of the phone should be flush with the bottom of the holder.

If you still have any questions about getting your ProClip USA Adjustable Holder properly installed, feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call at 800-296-3212.