Nokia 6: What You Need to Know

Nokia 6 Thumbnail

January 15, 2017 •

When a new Android phone is getting buzz from the media, you can usually count on it being an offering from Samsung. While other makers have had minor hits on their hands, there is seldom any major stirrings in the media before launch. However, this has all changed. The Nokia 6 is coming, and there is a lot of discussion about whether it could be the next big thing. We’ve put together a list of a few facts you should know about this hotly-anticipated phone.   Read More ››

Nokia 225 Review and Car Mount Phone Holders


February 1, 2016 •

Sometimes simple is best. The Nokia 225 phone will not wow you with the greatest and most advanced features in mobile technology or design. However, it will provide consistent functionality at a reasonable price. Check out our review and our custom Nokia 225 phone holders and mounts.   Read More ››