iPhone XR Sells Out! – ProClip Roundup Recap

The much-awaited iPhone XR is already sold out!? Get the details on what could become the new "default" iPhone and more on the ProClip Roundup.

ProClip Roundup: Season 3 Episode 7

Welcome back to a special spooky Halloween edition of the ProClip Roundup! It’s the weekly show bringing you all the mobile and car tech news that actually matters. Here are this week’s spooky techtober stories.

iPhone XR Preorders Sold Out

Preorders for the much awaited “budget” iPhone XR began last Friday, October 19th and sold out quickly! The colorful phone had limited availability today in Apple stores, but you may have to wait in a line to get one! The more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max are both available, but it seems that the iPhone XR could become the new default iPhone. Stay tuned for a brief unboxing and a full feature video on the iPhone XR!

The World’s Thinnest AND Lightest Phone!

A Japanese company called NTT Docomo has made plans to create the world’s smallest and lightest phone. There seems to be a growing trend of minimalism with smartphones (including the new Palm) and this new phone is aiming for that trend. The phone is expected to be the size of a credit card and just 0.2 inches thick with basic smartphone functionality. Will this trend take off? Or will it have a spooky disappearance? Only time will tell!

Ford Testing Self-Driving Cars

Ford has announced that they will begin testing their fleet of self-driving cars in Washington DC. The vehicle manufacturer has previously tested their fleet in Detroit, Pittsburgh and Miami, but this makes them the first automaker to test cars in our nation’s capital city. If all testing continues to go well, Ford hopes to offer commercially available self-driven car rides by 2021.

Is GM Spying on Your Car?

General Motors has admitted to secretly gathering data on radio-listening habits of 90,000 GM owners in Chicago and Los Angeles in 2017. The information has not been sold yet, but the information was clearly presented to elicit bids from potential buyers. The information isn’t too invasive, but it is always concerning to remember just how frequently we are being tracked in our everyday lives.

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