iPhone XR Now Available, Video Reviews Are In

October 25, 2018 •

iPhone XR

On Friday, October 26, the iPhone XR became available in stores. With pre-orders also shipping for the same day delivery, if you were in the market for and iPhone XR, now is your chance to pick up Apple’s latest handset. While the iPhone XR is considered an Apple entry level device, given the $1,000+ iPhone XS, the iPhone XR is no slouch on performance. These technology reviewers have called the iPhone XR the iPhone of 2018.

iPhone XR Video Reviews

The first thing to notice about the iPhone XR is the full spectrum of device colors: white, black, blue, coral and yellow. Many of the reviewers indicate their videos to not even do justice to the rich, full-bodied color Apple managed to cram behind the back glass. Not to be lost, the side matching panels pull off a great similar hue as well, just slighted muted given it is on anodized aluminum.

iPhone XR has slightly larger bezels, all the way around the screen, in comparison to the iPhone XS. An LCD, instead of an OLED, screen panel is the reason for these bezels. OLED can be tucked under at the edges, making it much easier to go truly, edge-to-edge. The LCD panel must remain flat and the backlighting panel is the same. Therefore, to run the screen edge-to-edge and into those curvy corners near the True Depth Camera, a slightly larger bezel is required and even some anti-aliasing trickery.

Above, @UrAvgConsumer takes a look at the good and bad trade offs for the iPhone XR, as compared to the iPhone XS. Truly, saving the extra $250 by purchasing an iPhone XR is a smart buy. It isn’t really a budget phone either. There are plenty of specs between the iPhone XR and iPhone XS that are exactly the same. If you are a spec-head, then take a look at Apple’s comparison page to see all of the similarities and differences.


The visually marked difference, is the LCD screen vs OLED screen. In addition to causing larger bezels on the iPhone XR, the LCD screen has a singular light source. As mentioned above, the lighting panel is like a flashlight behind — either on or off. There is no way to control single points of light behind the screen. Consequently, if part of the image is dark, or black, the screen produces a light gray image.

For example, if you are watching a movie and have a very dark scene, the screen will never turn true black. An OLED screen brightness is controlled at the pixel level. If the image is black, the pixel actually turns off. There is no light at all. This provides for an infinite contrast ratio. Like we said, if you are a spec-perfectionist, consider paying extra for the iPhone XS.

Overall, the device is an impressive addition to Apple’s lineup. Starting at $750, it is the lowest priced iPhone released this year. It is not cheap, but it saves you a large chunk of dollars, in comparison to the iPhone XS. The devices are now available, both in store and online.

Apple is also hosting a media event on Tuesday, October 30 at 10:00AM EST. We could be looking at new iPads, Macs, MacBooks, and headphones.