ProClip Mounts Installed in Local Police Cars

We put together a custom mounting solution for a local Police force. General Communications installed this setup in some squad cars for the Beloit, WI PD.

We recently put together a custom mounting solution for a local Police force.

This install was created for the Beloit, Wisconsin Police Department. We worked with General Communications (a two-way radio dealer in Madison, Wisconsin) to put together this setup.

The Mounting Setup
The custom ProClip mounting solution we created was a Center Dashboard Mounting Plate for the Two-Way Radio Holder, integrated magnetic strip reader and the front-facing radar. We took the existing center dash piece out of the Taurus and replaced it with our custom, re-enforced plate to allow the police department to mount the heavy equipment where needed. The custom plate bolted directly to the dash using the existing bolt holes from the original dashboard center piece. This made for a very quick and easy install.

How The Setup Could Be Used
This same solution in the Taurus could be used for many different applications. Due to the high strength of ABS plastic, different devices and/or pedestals can be bolted directly to the plate in any configuration needed.

Mounting Solutions for Police and Emergency Vehicles
We outfit many fleets of police and emergency vehicles and make custom mounts for police interceptor vehicles. Many police departments use Ford Taurus (Interceptor Sedan) or Ford Explorer (Interceptor Utility) as their squad cars.

ProClip in Police Interceptor

Police Interceptor Setup

Police Interceptor Two-way Radio Mount