Tesla Begins Delivering Model Y to Customers

Tesla has begun delivering their new electric crossover SUV to customers. Find out what makes the Model Y different from the Model 3.
Tesla Model Y

In March of 2019, Tesla officially introduced the Model Y. The Model Y is an electric crossover SUV modeled after Tesla’s entry-level Model 3 sedan. Almost exactly one year after the announcement of the Model Y, the first deliveries are being made an impressive six months ahead of schedule. The initial prototype of the Model Y looked almost indistinguishable from the Model 3, but the production model does show some differences.

Bigger, But is it Better?

The Model Y will be marketed as a larger crossover SUV, but is it really that much bigger than the Model 3? It comes in at 187 inches long, 75.6 inches wide and 63.9 inches high. It has a 113.8 inch wheel base and a ground clearance of 6.6 inches. For comparison, that makes it 2 inches longer, 2.8 inches wider, 7.1 inches taller, a 0.6 inch longer wheel base and a 1.1 inch higher ground clearance. The extra height of the vehicle only adds less than an inch of headroom. The biggest gain is that the backseat of the Model Y gives passengers about 5 inches more legroom than the Model 3.

The long-range Model Y has a range of 316 miles with a price of $52,990 while the long-range Model 3 has a range of 322 miles and is priced at $48,990.

Limited Deliveries

While deliveries have begun, Tesla’s CEO has stated that the company will only initially produce a limited volume of the Model Y. With production at the Fremont, CA factory halted due to COVID-19, it will likely take quite a while before you begin seeing the Model Y out on the roads around you.

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