4 Practical Must-Have Mopar Accessories in 2018

Redefine your weekend adventure with these top interior Mopar accessories. From the best floor mats to a phone mount to keep you safe and more.

Mopar Accessories

Must-Have Mopar Accessories

The Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger have a lot of accessories to choose from. Mopar enthusiasts repeatedly turn to Mopar accessories, too, to get the most out of their interior. Boasting years of achievement, Mopar accessories can give your ride the extra excitement it deserves.

So, which Mopar accessories are the best inclusions around? Let’s take a closer look at today’s best interior Mopar options.

A Pedal Kit

Performance upgrades like a new Cold Air Intake System can be expensive. The affordable first-step to upgrade interior performance can be the Mopar Gas and Brake Pedal Kit for Automatic Transmission. Made with Bright Stainless Steel featuring Black Rubber Grip Pads it fits multiple Mopar vehicles from Dodge Charger to Chrysler 200 and many more.

All-Weather Slush Mats

All-weather Slush Mats, meanwhile, are molded in the color of your ride’s interior. An excellent option for the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge models, a Slush Mat works well in all seasons. Mopar Slush Mats feature deep ribs capable of holding, and trapping water, mud and snow. Ditch the drainage material, and invest in a long-lasting Slush Mat installation.

A Cargo Net

Whether you’re taking a weekend trip in your Challenger or simply want to tie down your Grand Cherokee’s accessories, a cargo net can redefine your road travel experience. Custom-tailored to fit your ride’s cargo area, a Mopar Cargo Net is easy to install and easy to remove. Crafted from black nylon, cargo nets can be fastened to tie-down loops—keeping your loose items secure for convenient access.

ProClip Phone Mounts

No matter the occasion, Mopar accessories can bring your ride to the next level. ProClip is also here to boost your journey’s fun. Once you’ve outfitted your interior with the best Mopar options around, make sure you’re riding in style by securing your smartphone with officially licensed phone mounts from ProClip.