New iPhone 12 Rumors Suggest Onboard Magnets

iPhone 12 hardware leaks confirm Apple's proprietary iPhone cases will include onboard magnet arrays, but how will they interact with the handset?
iPhone 12

As summer quickly rushes toward fall, the Apple rumor mill will begin churning at a faster pace. While the Apple fall devices are anticipated to be slightly slower to launch as a result of the global pandemic, supply chain leaks are beginning to pile up. These leaks and rumors are painting an ever more consistent picture of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 2020 devices. From advanced camera lenses to newly found magnet arrays, there will be new functionality coming to the complete format upgrade this fall.

iPhone 12 Latest Rumors

Earlier the iPhone 12 camera rumors pegged the camera flash in the center of four larger lenses, which included the LiDAR sensor. Newer camera lens leaks correct earlier CADs. A flash is now expected to be in the top right, above the ultra wide lens, which is above the anticipated LiDAR detector. However, third party accessory makers have moved forward with center flash cases, pushing them into production.

Magnets may be coming to the iPhone 12, based on schematic leaks of a new Apple branded case. As with past official Apple cases containing magnets, they are included to provide some type of hardware and software interaction with the device. This is currently common with iPad accessories, specifically Smart Covers. With magnets embedded in the cover, the iPad sleeps and wakes automatically based on the position of the cover.

The magnet ring information has officially leaked. The design lines up extremely well with the wireless charging schematic within even existing iPhones that support it. Consequently, speculations lead to a possible wireless charger for iPhone, built by Apple. If you remember the Air Power announcement, you will know a first party wireless charger has evaded Apple for several years. It is possible the magnets within the official iPhone case will help to align the device to a specific wireless charger, ensuring the device is making optimal contact.

This theory does, however, fly in the face of Air Power’s claim that an iPhone could be sat anywhere on the charging mat and receive wireless power at optimal charging speeds.

Importantly, and sadly, the magnet leak specifically notes there is no anticipated bi-directional wireless charging. Bi-directional wireless charing, like that found on the new Samsung Galaxy Note, allows users to set other devices on top of the smart phone and charge the secondary device, like AirPods for example.

iPhone Display Leak

The smaller notch is potentially coming to all new iPhone devices, but there are conflicting opinions and display hardware. Some rumors point toward a smaller upper display notch coming to the 2020 iPhone devices. Many other smartphone manufacturers have determined how to make their upper front camera and audio equipment fade into the device. However, Apple’s notch is one of the biggest in the business, as necessary for the very advanced Face ID biometric credentialing technology.

Recent hardware leaks still peg the notch as similar, if not exactly the same size as current generation models.

120Hz capability is also potentially being ruled out because the devices lack IC drivers. This means the iPad Pro refresh rate will not be onboard the latest 2020 iPhone screens. An increased refresh rate would allow for a smoother scrolling up and down screens, such as social media apps and longer websites.

Additional details

iPhone 2020 devices may bring back the name, “Plus.” It is anticipated the iPhone 5.4″ will be called iPhone 12, iPhone 6.1″ called iPhone 12 Plus, and iPhone 6.1″ or 6.7″ dubbed iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

Pricing is anticipated as:

  • iPhone 12 5.4″, starting $699, 64GB
  • iPhone 12 Plus 6.1″, starting $799, 64GB
  • iPhone 12 Pro 6.1″, starting $1,049, 128GB
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7″, starting $1,149, 128GB

iPhone devices are stated by Tim Cook himself, to be announced and available a few weeks later than previous years. Consequently, there may not be an Apple iPhone media event until October. This is not unprecedented given the iPhone X did not launch until November. The delay is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.