Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specs and Custom Tablet Holders

Is it possible that Microsoft has made a tablet that could replace a traditional laptop? They are getting closer with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. We've outlined the top specs for their latest tablet and our custom tablet holders that go with it.
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specs

Is it possible that Microsoft has made a tablet that could replace a traditional laptop? Well, it would seem they are making stronger strides towards that reality with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Microsoft has pleased many with the latest version of its Surface tablet line. The feedback given on the previous Surface Pro models was clearly taken into serious consideration with the Surface Pro 4.

The latest tablet from Microsoft comes with an increased screen size, but it has a smaller frame than the Surface Pro 3, slimming down from 9.1 mm to 8.4 mm. And not only is the screen bigger, it’s better. The Surface Pro 4 has a display of 12.3 inches and a resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 pixels – resulting in stunning videos for viewing and reading. The Surface Pro 4 operates with Windows 10 and is powered with a laptop processor. It is available in three processor models; Core-m3, Core-i5 and the Core-i7.

Along with the bigger display and stronger processor, the Surface Pro 4 comes with a new and improved stylus, which Microsoft calls the Surface Pen. The new Surface Pen offers reduced latency and 1,024 pressure levels, which makes it great for drawing and sketching apps.

While the Surface Pro has made many improvements, the battery life will still not last the entire day, and it still does not come with the Type Cover, Microsoft is going to force you to buy that separately. Overall, it’s a great lightweight tablet that is easy to take with you and can provide a reasonably priced business solution.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Custom Tablet Holders

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Custom Tablet Holders

We offer three different options for custom tablet holders for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. All of our tablet holders are custom designed to fit the device and are made from high grade ABS plastic to provide a neat and discreet look. This specific holder is a cradle style mount that has a tilt swivel feature on the back, allowing you to easily slide your tablet in and out of the holder. It also includes a stylus dock to securely store the Surface Pen when not in use. You can use this Surface Pro 4 tablet holder in a horizontal or vertical position and tilt the tablet 15 degrees to avoid that annoying glare on your screen! But no matter what position you choose to have it in, our tablet holders will keep your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 safe and securely in place.

Our tablet holders make for great mounting solutions for businesses. Our holders will not only keep your devices safe from rugged conditions, expanding the lifetime of the device, we also have secure holders that come with locks to keep them safe from theft!