Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet Holders

January 5, 2014 •

Microsoft Surface Pro 2Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 were reportedly sold out just about everywhere before the Christmas holiday. The tablets turned out to be more popular than many expected.

According to an article on Mashable, the Microsoft Surface team won’t comment on specific inventory levels or sales numbers, but they did say “…it’s our goal to get these two tablets into as many people’s hands as possible and we’re actively working with manufacturing teams and retail partners to replenish stock where it’s been sold out.” While the tablets still show as “out of stock” on the Microsoft website, other retailers such as Best Buy are showing the tablet as in-stock.

Surface Pro 2: a Laptop and Tablet Combined
The Surface Pro 2 has been positioned as a laptop and tablet combination. The detachable keyboard, kickstand and Windows 8.1 make using the tablet as a laptop fairly easy. However, many users have said the short battery life and weight (2 pounds) make the Pro 2 not ideal for tablet use. Despite those complaints, the Surface Pro 2 is a popular device featuring an updated kickstand design, full-sized USB socket and improved keyboard cover.

Surface Pro 2 Holders
Crash Tested Tablet HoldersWe have two custom Surface Pro 2 tablet holders available, both are locking holders for extra security. You can choose between a spring lock, or for added security, a key lock holder. Both holders keep all ports open, including the full-sized USB socket, and have passed Crash Testing with ProClip Headrest Tablet Mounts.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Spring Lock HolderMicrosoft Surface Pro 2 Key Lock Holder