Justify Buying Another Phone Mount for Your Car

August 23, 2012 •

iPhone and Garmin

Uploaded by Mikie H. from Alabama

Making the decision to buy another mount can be difficult. Even more difficult when you have a spouse or someone else who doesn’t understand your need for another car phone mount (or gadget, or other fun new piece of technology you love to collect).

Don’t worry. We can help you justify the purchase to yourself or someone else… whoever needs that extra push.

Why Buy a Phone Mount?
A car phone mount gives you a designated place to keep your gadgets and, as a bonus, lets you charge them too. Our mounts provide a sleek design that keeps your dashboard looking organized without cords hanging everywhere. Your dash and interior will also stay looking new because you don’t have to drill any holes or damage your dashboard in any way to attach your mount. Right about now you’re probably thinking you know all of this because, well, you already own a car phone mount! These may be great reasons to buy your first phone mount, but what about a second?

Why Buy Additional Gadget Mounts?
Choosing a second mount is a great idea because (a) you might drive more than one vehicle, and (b) chances are these days you own more than one mobile device. So choosing a second vehicle mount is great if you either drive two cars (maybe a personal car and a work car) or you want to be able to move your phone between your car and your spouse’s car. A portable car phone clip (a.k.a. “move clip”) can help you with this. It allows you to move your device from vehicle to vehicle or switch between device holders on the same mount.

This brings us to our second point, owning more than one device. We’re thinking you probably own at least one other mobile device, such as an iPad tablet, GPS or MP3 player, like an iPod. Well, that handy “move clip” can help you with this, too. You can easily take off one device holder and switch it out with another.

Two Devices, One Vehicle
You want to mount two devices at once, you say? This is pretty common with our customers. After all, you need your smartphone handy, but also your MP3 player, or Sirius radio on hand to play some good tunes. Plus, maybe you have a GPS for directions and you need your tablet for, well, all of the things a tablet can do. You can choose another two-part mounting solution for your second device in the same vehicle or another vehicle all together. This allows for dual viewing. We have more than one vehicle mount for most vehicles, such as a left mount and an angled mount.

However, if you want to customize your dashboard, you can use our extension plates and block spacers to reposition your device to keep two devices next to each other on the same mount, or to extend your device to avoid interfering with dashboard controls. Plus, let’s not overlook the fact that you can look pretty cool cruising down the road in your “Aluminum Falcon” with your custom designed “cockpit” full of your favorite devices. Kind of like this mounting setup posted to our ProClip USA Facebook page by D. Eric Tetangco.

Customized Aluminum Falcon Cockpit

Cockpit of the “Aluminum Falcon”, a silver, 2006 Nissan Xterra. The ProClip Move Clip system is used to attach a phone to a dashboard mount, and used to mount a Scan Gauge II control/display on the steering column.

Share Your Custom Dashboard Design!
Pretty cool, right? If you want to show off your custom designed dashboard, upload your photo to our Facebook page. As a bonus, we’ll send you a Mount Something t-shirt, while supplies last, just for sharing your awesome photos!