Why Buy a Phone Mount for Your Car

Responses from a Twitter promotion tell you how a phone mount for your car would keep you safe. More reasons why you should buy a phone mount for your car.
Looking Good Driving

Many of you probably love the aesthetic appeal your mount gives to your car by giving you a sleek, designated place to keep all of your gadgets. Maybe you spend a lot of time in your car each day and you’re more interested in the organization factor of keeping those cords tidied up and off your dash.

We’re all about safety at ProClip USA. Sure, keeping your car organized and clutter free is great, but being safe and clutter free is even better. We were interested in finding out how you utilize your ProClip USA mount to stay safe while on the road. So, we decided to pose the question to you in the form of a promotion. Most recently, we ran a promotion on Twitter. We asked entrants to retweet this phrase and fill in the blank: “A car mount for my phone would help me ___. #ProClipUSAsafety”

Here are just a few of the great answers we received (and our comments):

  • “A car mount for my phone would help me keep my music close.” – Car jamming, always a plus.
  • “A car mount for my phone would help me drive and charge safely.” – Humph? We didn’t know there was such a thing as an unsafe charge.
  • “A car mount for my phone would help me get through my busy day in a stylish & safe way!” – It’s all about staying organized and looking good while doing it.
  • “A car mount for my phone would help me keep my eyes on the road and the phone in its place.” – Here’s a big one. Keep those eyes on the road and not fumbling to browse through the latest products on Woot.
  • “A car mount for my phone would help me pickup babes” – Like we said, Fabio, you want that double take from the woman in the next car over.
  • “A car mount for my phone would help me keep my wife safer while she uses navigation on her phone.” – They say women are better at multitasking than men, but everyone could use the extra help.

Some pretty good reasons to use one of our holders and mounts, huh? At least we think so. Our crash tested and approved tablet headrest mounts are also a way to keep your kids safe and entertained in the back seat. This, as any parent knows, is always a plus for those long road trips with antsy kids in the car. Maybe they’ll even be so busy watching their favorite movie that they’ll wait a little longer to bug you for yet another pit stop.

Do You Have More Great Ideas?
Do you utilize a mount for your phone or other gadgets? Let us know how it keeps you safe. Post on our Facebook or Tweet us (@proclipusa) to share your whacky, yet undoubtedly brilliant, ideas.