iPhone 7 Rumored to Launch September 23

August 17, 2016 •


iPhone 7 Rumored to Launch September 23Last week, we rounded up a short recap of the latest iPhone 7 rumors. As time continues to drag into late summer, an early fall launch of the newest iPhone is seemingly imminent. Using history as an indicator, September and October have become traditionally Apple-centric months. With iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad launches pounding retail shelves, we can expect to see the new iPhone 7 within the next few weeks.

Although a formal event invitation to media outlets is no where to be found, a recent leak from 9to5mac indicates AT&T employees will be working shifts that match device-launch protocols. As seen in the image below, on September 9, there will be a merchandising reset and another on September 23. These dates line up very closely with an expected Apple Media event on September 9. In the past, Apple has launched the new device on a Friday, giving even more credit to the predicated date. Moreover, if the event date is going to be held on the 7th, the 2.5 week window before the 23rd aligns with previous announcement-to-launch dates in the past.


However, there is another credible leak floating around by Evan Blass of VentureBeat, who claims the Apple iPhone 7 will be released the week of September 12. According to 9to5mac, Blass has been a credible source of leaks in the past, but does not own a perfect rumor-to-reality record. Given the actual employee screen shot from AT&T, it is hard to believe Blass’ simple tweet.

Other than the launch date, the biggest rumor continues to surround the iPhone 7 headphone jack, or lack thereof. Given the iPhone 7 design is argued to remain consistent with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, except for a slight change in the antennae bands, the loss of the 3.5mm audio jack is the biggest point of contention. The device may be waterproof, it may no longer have a pressable Touch ID button, and there may or may not be a higher resolution screen…but the big change for every day usage could be the headphone port.

The headphone port has been an option on audio devices for nearly 100 years. It is the oldest piece of technology on the iPhone or any modern smartphone. Pundits argue the jack will no longer be an option for several reasons.

Waterproofing arguments are the strongest supporters of the dead jack, claiming there is less surface area for water penetration, if it is gone. Some claim the device will be thinner without the jack; however, the iPod Touch is thinner than the iPhone and still includes the jack. Others indicate the need for better speaker sound on the device, which could be optimized with stereo sound by including two speakers on the bottom. If the iPhone 7 does lack a 3.5mm jack, prepare for many agonizing customer complaints, as a dongle would then be required to use any headphones you own, other than bluetooth.

All details will be clear when Tim Cook steps on stage, sometime in early September. Be prepared for an Apple Media Invitation to hit inboxes sometime in the next week and then, at least, the dates will become clear.

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