How to Install a Volkswagen Golf GTI VII Phone Mount

April 21, 2016 •

How to Install ProClip Volkswagen Golf GTI VII dashboard mount

Have you recently purchased a ProClip USA dashboard phone mount for your Volkswagen Golf GTI VII? Or, maybe you are considering buying one and are curious how the mount is installed? We specialize in creating high-quality, custom mobile vehicle mounting solutions for phones and tablets. All of our vehicle mounts are designed specifically for your vehicle’s make, model and year, which helps to provide the most secure fit for our customers. It is because of this great custom fit that our customers love our mounts so much! If you are new to the ProClip USA family, we want to help you become familiar with our products by outlining our installation process.

Installing a ProClip Volkswagen Golf GTI VII Dashboard Mount

Step 1: First, you will want to read the instructions that come with each ProClip USA mount. It’s important to note that before attaching the vehicle mount to the dashboard you will want to confirm that the placement is correct and to your liking. While confirming the placement of the vehicle mount, please hold the device holder in place on the vehicle mount in the specific location of the dashboard to ensure you like the placement look of the full solution.

Note: This mount comes with double sided tape on the bottom of the mount and the tape residue will not stick to your dashboard if you decide to remove it. 

Step 2: The mount for the Golf GTI VII comes with two gap openers. You will want to slide these into the seams of the dashboard between the padded upper part of the dash and the frame around the vent to create a gap, leaving enough space in between the openers for the mount to slide in.

Note: It’s important to visually match your dashboard with our photos. This specific dashboard mount works with Golf GTI VII models between the years of 2013 to 2017. However, it does not fit the Volkswagen Golf GTI VI models.

Step 3: The Golf GTI VII dashboard mount has a ProClip label, which indicates the top of the mount. The top of this particular mount has a grooved edge, and the bottom has a thin angled edge with the double-sided tape. Take the bottom, thin angled edge and slide it into the seam at the bottom of the vent.

Note: The bottom seam is very tight and the mount might not completely click in until you attach the top part of the mount. 

Step 4: Guide the top part of the mount into the gap you created at the top of the vent and apply pressure to secure the mount to the panel. Then remove the gap openers and you will have a very solid and sturdy mounting platform to attach your ProClip phone holder!

We offer a wide variety of custom and universal phone holders that are compatible with all of our dashboard mounts!

Check out the video below to see how to install your Volkswagen Golf GTI VII mount.