ProClip Car Phone Mounts: Customer Survey Results

March 18, 2015 •

You love us, you reeeally love us! 

There are many reasons to love Proclip car mounts and phone holders. After all, there are so many ways to use a ProClip inside or outside of your car. Below are the top reasons why our customers choose ProClip mounting solutions for use in their car, according to a recent customer survey:



The number one reason our customers purchase car phone mounts is to keep their phones in front of them. Whether you’re using your phone for GPS, streaming your favorite tunes and playlists or using Bluetooth for hands-free calling, a ProClip car phone mount keeps your phone where you can see it, so you can “Stop Fumbling Around”. In fact, 97% of our customers agreed with this statement in a recent survey, so don’t just trust us, trust them. Using a ProClip car phone mount is so convenient, you’ll wonder how you ever got around without one!


So, why buy a ProClip car phone mount instead of a less expensive brand? Our customers recognize quality when they see it – and use it! Nine out of 10 customers surveyed who have used both a competitor’s phone mount and a ProClip phone mount said they prefer ProClip because of the quality. We are so glad our customers recognize this, as we take great pride in the quality of our construction. So much so, that our products are manufactured in Sweden of high-grade ABS plastic that is both heat and cold resistant – no worries here about using your heat vents in the winter! Our mounts and holders are also hand tooled versus injection molded, so we can ensure consistent quality.

Custom Fit

Speaking of quality, the custom fit of a ProClip car phone holder and mount is what sets us apart from the car mount pack. And, our customers agree! The #1 reason customers choose a ProClip car mount for their phone or tablet over a competitor’s is our custom fit. Our car mounts are designed specifically to the make, model and year of your vehicle.  Similarly, our holders are designed specifically to the dimensions of your phone. It’s hard work keeping up with every new vehicle and phone, but we think it’s worth it – and so do you!

Stay Organized

We use the tagline “Stop Fumbling Around” for a reason. 82% of our customers say that they are more organized in their cars since installing their ProClip mount. This reaffirms the reasons our customers purchased a phone mount in the first place – to keep their phones in front of them. No longer will you be digging through your purse or rummaging around items you’ve collected on your passenger seat. Using a ProClip car mount helps to keep eyes where they should be – on the road.

Safety First

We feel great knowing that 86% of ProClip customers feel safer since installing their ProClip mount. We take great care in finding the best place on your car’s dashboard for installing our mounts, so you can feel safe while using your GPS, music apps or Bluetooth.

Because of these reasons, we are proud to announce that 94% of the customers we surveyed said they would purchase a ProClip car phone mount again in the next two years.

Thank you to our loyal customers for taking our survey and for supporting our products!