Glowing Apple Logo Rumored for iPhone 6

Glowing Apple iPhone

With an anticipated fall launch, the rumor mill will only continue to increase in speed. This is standard for all Apple product launches. Some of the thrill is driven by Apple’s, now alleged, increased security efforts for their supply chain. Additional fuel comes from the secret society that Apple creates for its products and employees. Finally, people just love their iPhones, despite what Samsung would have you believe based on their new marketing efforts.

This week, additional part leaks lead to more claims the iPhone 6 may have a glowing logo. As we listed back as far as May, the cutout Apple logo has been appearing since early supply chain leaks. Two months ago, the leaks were simple shell casings without much additional credibility. However, with the recent leaks, the shells are now finished, complete with port openings and, most importantly, the internal chassis are inserted.


The above image represents one of the most recent product leaks to show the build features. Items in the above image that help indicate a true final version are the top and bottom framing, the chassis pieces, and built-in screw holes. These are the holes used to fit internal components from the cellular radios to the motherboard, battery, and so forth. Also, final versions of iPhone casings have the square serial code, similar to a QR code, located on the inside right, which you can see behind the uSwitch water mark.

The covered and embedded Apple logo seen in the image above is leading to further glowing conversations. Again, it is very clean and “finished” in appearance. To entertain the rumor, it is estimated the glowing logo could be used as a matching aesthetic to Apple’s laptop line. With its shining capabilities, the logo could illuminate during calls, when the screen backlight is on, or to announce notifications.

More realistically, what amounts to a simple break in the metal housing, this apple shaped cutout will most likely be utilized as a communication window. Like the iPad’s cutout logo, the necessary communication radios are hidden behind the permeable material. Having always prevented a full metal housing, the communication instruments need a way passed the otherwise impenetrable materials.

iPhone 6 Lightning connector assembly
iPhone 6 rearshell diagram

Additional leaks, seen above, also confirm the cutout Apple logo with a smooth covering. Along with these additional photos comes a shot of the Lighting and headphone flex cables. As noted on the backplate, highlighted in yellow, the screw holes for the headphone 3.5mm housing line up with the alleged cable leak.

The harmony of the two leaked hardware units and matching screw holes leads legitimacy to both leaks. Nothing new is noted about the flex cable, except the two screw holes instead of one. However, this does confirm that Lightning cable headphones may not be required with the iPhone 6. In very early 2014, there were under-current rumors alleging Apple would switch to Lightning headphones for both clarity and size. With the advent of the Lightning port, the old standard 3.5mm headphone jack is now the thickest outward connection on the device.

Also noted, is the “rubber band” bars on the iPhone 6 rear shell. Many bloggers have complained openly about the design being ugly and “caulk-like.” It appears, at least from the newest images, they are here to stay. These bands should also be linked, in some way, to the communication radios required for the cellular system to operate.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to launch sometime in the fall months, most likely September. Additional rumors are now pegging the 4.7″ variation to launch on schedule, but has again pushed the 5.5″ model into late Q4 2014 or Q1 2015. This launch pattern has been the most difficult rumor to lock in place.

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