iPad Air Holders

November 30, 2013 •

Apple released their latest iPad update November 1st. Overall, it’s a great tablet. CNET gives it a rating of 4.5 stars and many other reviewers have given it top notch ratings. Our own Apple expert took a look at the Redesigned Apple iPad Air in a post last week.

Apple iPad Air

The Pros
The iPad Air is noticeably lighter and thinner than its predecessor. It also comes with updated processors for better performance and a longer battery life.

The Cons
The biggest gripes reviewers seem to have is the failure to include the fingerprint scanner from the iPhone 5s and the lack of apps that currently take advantage of the better processors.

iPad Air Holders
We have 3 iPad Air holders available. One is a standard tilt swivel holder and two allow for charging. As with any of our tablet holders, make sure to take a look at your dashboard and how the tablet will fit. Be aware that tablets may block buttons or not fit in certain mounting positions because of their larger size.

iPad Air Car Mount

iPad Air Car Mount with USB Cig Plug Adapter

iPad Air Car Mount for Hard Wire Installation