Distracted Driving: Top 4 Phone Placement Fails

April 15, 2016 •

We’ve all done it – hopped in the car and tossed our cell phones in the most convenient spot not thinking of what could happen next. But what could happen next? If you’re lucky, nothing will happen. However, having your phone floating around the interior of your car increases the chances of you getting distracted when you’re looking for it or trying to use it while driving. Distracted driving increases the chances of you getting into an accident, which can result in you injuring yourself, or worse, injuring someone else. You can learn to avoid these dangerous situations by finding products that can keep you safer when on the road. Are you not convinced that your phone habits make you a distracted driver? We’ve outlined the top four phone placement fails in a car. Are you guilty of some of these failures?

Phone in Cup Holder

Distracted Driving: Phone placement failures

Often used as a defacto phone holder, the cup holder was meant to hold two beverages – not your mobile device. When your phone is occupying a cup holder instead of your beverage, there is probably a good chance you’re holding your beverage while driving instead of keeping both hands on the wheel. And if you’re holding your beverage while driving, you’re increasing the potential for unwanted spills.

Phone on Lap

Distracted Driving: Phone placement failures

Do you suffer from phone-on-lap syndrome? Holding your cell phone in any way is illegal in many states. And we hate to break the news to you, but keeping your phone on your lap doesn’t count as a loophole for holding your cell phone while driving. Keeping your cell phone on your lap encourages you to look down at it while driving, and increases the likelihood of distracted driving. More than eight people are killed each day due to distracted driving, so keep that phone off your lap!

Phone Leaning on Dashboard

Distracted Driving: Phone placement failures

Leaning your phone on your dash is a surefire way of having your phone slide back and forth across your dashboard while you’re driving. Leaning your phone against your dashboard with no way to secure it can lead to distracted driving. As your phone slips and slides across your dash, you are going to be tempted to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t fall. But all it takes is one bump and your phone is on its way to the floor, and chances are you are going to try and catch it while you’re driving, even if it lands out of reach.

Phone Laying on Passenger Seat

Distracted Driving: Phone placement failures

Many times cell phones end up on the passenger seat when the driver unloads their pockets after taking a seat. Keeping your phone in the passenger seat encourages you to look down and over at your phone while you’re driving. Not to mention the high likelihood that your phone will take a tumble while you make a turn and fall into the cracks between the seats. And when this happens you’re going to be tempted to lean and reach down to get it.

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