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Distracted driving is the #1 cause of car crashes. Keep yourself and others on the road safe and become hands free by using a phone mount from ProClip USA.
Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become a prevalent issue with the smartphone era in full effect. Simply having the mobile device in-vehicle provides the temptation to check the device. Although, there are many benefits to having your device at the ready when driving. Using smartphone GPS, listening to music and making voice activated calls for emergencies to name a few.

However, there’s a fine line between proper use and the misuse of a mobile device when operating a motor vehicle. Just remember there may be serious repercussions the next time you think it is OK to quickly surf the net or respond to a text before arriving at your destination.

Distracted Driving is the #1 Cause of Car CrashesDistracted Driving

At any given moment, approximately 660,000 American drivers are using a cell phone or other electronic device when operating their vehicle. The average driver is eight times more likely to crash when texting and 2-4 times more likely to crash when talking on the phone. Distracted driving ranks #1 ahead of drunk driving and speeding as the top three causes of car accidents nationwide.


Drivers in Many States are Getting TicketsDistracted Driving

The price of distracted driving in certain states will cost you. More states than ever including California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey have enacted hands-free laws. Tickets in each state vary, but average around $150 for the first offense and double for each repeated offense. Suction cup usage also varies by state – most states will not allow the windshield to be blocked by any mounted device.


Insurance Rates are Rising

According to a recent article from the Washington Post, a ticket for texting and driving that is reported to your insurance agency will cause your premium to rise about 16 percent on average – a lot more than the percentage impact in 2011 of less than 1 percent. Distracted driving is not the only cause of rising insurance rates, but is certainly a preventable one. Knowing the cost of distracted driving  and lawful ways to mount your cell phone can help this growing problem.


Drive Safely with ProClip

ProClip USA offers device-specific holders and vehicle-specific mounts that make it easy for you to access navigation, music and hands-free calling. With a ProClip mounting solution, there is no need to look around for your phone that fell on the floor, or hold onto your phone while getting directions to your destination.

ProClip phone mounts keep you and others safe so you can be hands-free and concentrate on the road. 97% of ProClip USA customers say they feel safer having a ProClip mounting solution. Make sure you don’t have a ‘Should Have Bought A Phone Mount’ moment. Find your ProClip solution today!