[Infographic] The Dangers of Distracted Driving

No matter how good you are at multitasking, you are putting your safety at risk by using a hand-held device while driving. ProClip phone mounts help prevent distracted driving.
Hand-Held Device

There are many distractions that come your way while driving; other drivers on the road, billboard ads, your backseat passengers, to name a few. However, the one type of distraction that is increasing the most amongst drivers is the use of a hand-held device while on the road.

Texting and driving may not seem like a big deal, but it is more dangerous than you think.

The Dangers of Using a Hand-Held Device While Driving

At any given moment, approximately 660,000 American drivers are using a cell phone or other electronic device when operating their vehicle. This raises a concern.

You Can’t Multitask and Drive

  • 5 seconds is the minimum amount of time your attention is off the road while checking your phone.
    • At 55 mph, that equates to driving one football field without looking.
  • Those who text and drive spend around 10% of their time out of their own lane.

Hands-Free Driving Laws

To make sure drivers are being safe while on the road, several states have passed hands-free driving laws, such as CaliforniaWashington and Oregon. Distracted driving laws prohibit the use of a hand-held device while driving, even if stopped at a light. No text or social media post is important enough to divert your attention away from the road ahead and put your safety at risk.

[Infographic] The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Take a look at the different statistics that come along with using your hand-held device while driving:

Hand-Held Device

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