Distracted Driving – The Dangers it Causes

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous. Stay hands free on the road and avoid possible fines with a phone mount from ProClip USA.
Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents. Although many things can distract you while on the road, hand-held devices are the biggest culprit. Whether it’s texting, talking on the phone or checking social media, these mobile device distractions can put not only yourself at risk, but others in danger as well.

Fast Facts about Distracted Driving

  • 85% of drivers are distracted by their phone while driving.
  • 19% of drivers admit to surfing the web while driving.
  • Texting while driving makes a crash 6 times more likely to happen.
  • Cell phone use causes on average, 1.6 million crashes each year.

Hands-Free Driving Laws

Many states have already put hands-free driving laws into effect, while others are still working on making the use of your mobile device illegal while driving. Rhode Island is set to officially become a hands-free driving state on June 1, 2018. Other states that will also become hands-free in 2018 include Minnesota, Virginia, and Georgia, however, there are no set dates for the law to take effect in these areas at this time.

If you live in a hands-free state, or one that is on the list for 2018, check out ProClip USA phone mounts and holders. We offer a two-part mounting solution that is custom fit to your device and vehicle and helps you avoid distracted driving to stay safe on the road!

[Infographic] Distracted Driving Stats

Distracted Driving

Do you try to read billboards as you pass them? Do you text and drive? Think about your plans for the night as you drive home from work? All of these are dangerous distractions on the road and can cause a crash.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents resulting in injuries and deaths. Stay focused and hands free on the road with a ProClip phone mount.

Distracted Driving

Are you guilty of using your phone behind the wheel? Put your device down and avoid distracted driving.

Distracted Driving

Your reaction time to vehicles on the road or other hazards while driving significantly decreases when you are using your phone while driving.

Stay Safe on the Road with ProClip USA

ProClip offers device-specific holders and vehicle-specific mounts to ensure you stay hands free while driving. With ProClip, there is no more fumbling to hold your phone while driving, or reach down to pick it up off the floor. These mounts and holders make it easy for you to access music on your phone, navigation and use hands free calling too!

We advocate safe driving at ProClip. Keep yourself and others out of harms way by putting safety first and investing in a ProClip car phone mount.