The Return of the Palm Pilot?! ProClip Roundup Recap

Will the return of Palm change the way we use our smartphones? Or will their comeback story fall short? Find out in this week's ProClip Roundup!

ProClip Roundup: Season 3 Episode 6

Hi everybody, and welcome back to another edition of the ProClip Roundup! It’s the weekly show where we discuss the latest mobile and car tech news that’s worth talking about! Here is a quick look at this week’s stories.

The Uninspiring Return of Palm

A pair of former designers from Samsung have gotten together to reignite the once popular Palm brand. You may remember the PalmPilot and their PDA devices that predated smartphones. Their new phone is called the Palm, and it’s designed to be a tiny complement to your regular smartphone for on-the-go activity. If only we had smart devices we could wear on our wrists that already do the same exact thing… If you’re actually excited about the new Palm Palm phone, let us know in the comments!

Lyft All Access

After a successful beta test in March, Lyft is rolling out their subscription-based All Access Plan across the United States. For $299 each month, subscribers get 30 rides up to $15 each. If you live in a city where parking is a hassle and the cost of car ownership is high, this program could be feasible. If that doesn’t apply to you, you’ll probably pass.

Snapchat Doubles Down on Content

Snapchat is working hard to maintain a hold on their dwindling market share of teenagers. Snap has announced the creation of 12 new original shows that will air on the Discover tab of their app. Each of the shows will feature vertical video and fast paced jump cuts. Each of the episodes will contain un-skippable six-second ads. If the new strategy isn’t successful, the popular app could be in serious financial trouble.

Huawei Announces Mate 20 Pro

This week, Huawei announced their newest flagship phone, the Mate 20 Pro. The phone is aimed to compete with the Galaxy Note 9 and comes equipped with excellent specs. Some highlights include three rear cameras, an in-display fingerprint scanner, 3D face unlock, a 6.4-inch OLED display, wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. The phone does come at a premium price of around $1,200. Will you upgrade to the Mate 20 Pro?

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