Seven Liter Heater – Marty’s Boosted Corvette C6 Z06 #ItFitsMe

Marty’s Jetstream Blue 2009 Corvette C6 Z06 features an aftermarket LS Supercharger pushing 600 horsepower.

The Corvette C6 Z06 speaks for itself. Back in 2009, the Z06 7.0L V8 engine was the premium racing package pushing almost 500 horsepower. But apparently that’s not fast enough. This Corvette features an aftermarket LS Supercharger topping 600 horses.

Marty’s 2009 Corvette C6 Z06 has only 20K odometer miles and features a rare Jetstream Blue color package. He used to own a Dodge Charger ScatPack but instead opted for the manual transmission C6 Z06.

For only having 20K original miles, keeping the Corvette mostly stock is the smart move. Marty is just a regular guy who likes to drive fast on the weekends. Owning a rare color, low-mileage and basically stock Z06 Corvette would be a nice addition to anyone’s garage.

Corvette C6 Mods

Window tint for the exterior and a supercharger under the hood, that’s it. The A&A C6 Corvette Supercharger Kit is the king of all Corvette mods. The average horsepower increase to the rear wheels is around 175RWHP and no other engine upgrade can respectively make this type of overall difference in speed.

Chevy Corvette Phone Mount

During the week, Marty makes a long commute to work. Before ProClip, he would just toss his iPhone in the cupholder bending the power cord every time. Now he’s added ProClip mounts in all three of his family vehicles including the Corvette C6, Ford Explorer and Nissan Sentra.

The custom Chevy Corvette Phone Mount clips neatly next to the C6 temperature gauges. This location keeps his smartphone in a convenient location that’s not in the way of the manual shifter. The ProClip mount complements any heads-up display and places your phone in the perfect viewing position to see GPS, music or phone call details.

Corvette C6
Corvette C6