Top ProClip USA Frequently Asked Customer Questions

ProClip USA vehicle mounts provide a custom, secure mounting platform to attach a phone, tablet, GPS or other device.

ProClipTop ProClip USA Frequently Asked Customer Questions

Have questions? ProClip custom phone mounts install in five minutes or less with minimal tools for installation. Our custom vehicle mounts clip into the existing seams of your dashboard and can be easily removed without damaging the dash. Complete your two-piece car phone mount by choosing the custom device holder that combines with your vehicle mount.

ProClip customers ask thousands of questions 24/7/365 but answers are only given during normal office hours Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-5:00PM Central Time. Questions submitted during listed office hours will be replied to in 24 hours or less with the exception of holidays. Here are some frequently asked questions by new and returning ProClip customers:

Top New Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ProClip more expensive than other mounts? ProClip is custom made-to-order for your specific make, model and year vehicle. Car mounts and device holders are machined and hand-tooled from quality plastics and are not mass produced with injection molding. When buying ProClip, you may spend a bit more money upfront but your custom car phone mount will stand the test of time and prove worth the investment in the long run.

Will ProClip fit my protective phone case? ProClip Universal Holders have adjustable arms with side wall grooves that will grip and hold your phone when using a protective phone case. We test the top brand phone cases including OtterBox, Incipio, Spigen, Tech 21, Apple and more for proper fitment in our universal phone holders. If we haven’t tested your specific phone case, please measure the thickness and width of your phone and case combo and select the universal holder that will fit your specific measurements.

Top Returning Customer Frequently Asked Questions

ETA on my backordered parts? The standard backorder turnaround time is 1-10 business days. ProClip USA is a just-in-time warehouse offering thousands of custom vehicle mounts and device holders. Minimal stock is kept for parts in low demand. A special-order is made from our Swedish manufacturer when one or more parts in your recent order is out of stock. Longer than normal backorder times may apply during the holiday season.

When will you have a mount for my newer vehicle? Normal turnaround time for newer vehicle mounts is 8-12 weeks depending on vehicle availability in our testing area. ProClip vehicle mount locations are determined based on optimal seam availability. Some vehicles do not have optimal seams to provide more than one mounting location. As always, we welcome feedback for additional mounting locations!

Where can I leave a review? We welcome all reviews and appreciate any feedback! Reviews help us understand what customers like and dislike about ProClip products and the online ordering process. Please leave your review on a product page, Facebook or Reseller Ratings.

No Questions Asked Return Policy

Second thoughts about your ProClip purchase? We accept all returns within 30 days of delivery! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase feel free to send customer service a message via phone, chat or email. Full refunds (less shipping costs) are available within 1-month of original purchase if in unopened, original condition. Items returned in unoriginal condition are subject to a restocking fee. Are you past the 30-day window? Contact us today and see if your part qualifies for a return. Returns outside of the 30-day window may qualify to receive a partial refund.

Did we not answer your question in FAQ? Don’t be shy – contact customer service today or visit the ProClip USA YouTube Channel to browse hundreds of vehicle mount and phone holder installation videos!