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iPhone 8 to Include Larger Display with Virtual Buttons

iPhone 8 to Include Larger Display with Virtual Buttons

February 21, 2017 •

As far back as May 2016, rumors about an edge-to-edge display claim a new iPhone will ditch the bezels and provide a truly immersive full-screen experience. When iPhone 7 lacked these features, as it retained the same two-year-old form factor as iPhone 6, analysts have been rushing to determine credence to the display claims. With Apple rumors, there is often smoke that eventually proves the fire.   Read More ››

iPhone 8 Rumored to Include 3D Facial Recognition

iPhone 8 Rumored to Include 3D Facial Recognition

February 16, 2017 •

The iPhone 8 rumor mill is in full swing, with allegedly leaked details coming about once per week. Rumors about the device began even before iPhone 7 was launched last fall. Unlike previous Apple handset rumors, ones for iPhone 8 seem to be extremely consistent and from well respected sources.   Read More ››

Your iPhone 8 Could Cost $1,000

Your iPhone 8 Could Cost $1,000

February 10, 2017 •

The year 2017 marks iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Steve Jobs first announced iPhone as an internet communication device, an iPod, and a telephone. Holding true to its creation, iPhone has retained its roots and become much more.Seeing little advancements since 2015, iPhone is slowly lacking in upgrades; however, this complete redesign with completely new technologies is shaping up to impress. Perhaps the biggest change will be price, estimated around $1,000 for a top end model.   Read More ››

DayDream and Tango: What Android is Bringing to VR

DayDream VR

February 7, 2017 •

Amidst all the virtual reality consoles that have been released this past year, Google has been bulking up an alternative technology: DayDream VR. Accessible through new Android phones with the addition of a single, affordable handset, DayDream VR is a unique technology that is quickly becoming a staple.   Read More ››

New 10″ Bezel-less iPad Rumors Pose Spring Launch

New 10" bezel-less iPad Rumors Pose Spring Launch

January 29, 2017 •

Since the introduction of the iPad Pro 9.7” devices, updates to the iPad line have been scarce in the previous few years. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is claiming his supply chain sources confirm a completely new iPad for a spring-but-maybe-fall 2017 launch. The new device may include a ~10.5” screen size, with other form factor changes to accommodate.   Read More ››