Protecting Your Smartphone from Screen Damage

Protecting Your Smartphone from Screen Damage

March 7, 2017 •

With their large, edge-to-edge screens, modern phones are now more susceptible to screen damage than ever before. For many smartphones, replacing the screen glass can cost anywhere from $150 to $300: half the price of the phone itself. The best way to avoid this is through protection.   Read More ››

Start Saving — The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Coming Soon

Start Saving -- The Samsung Galaxy S8 is Coming Soon

March 1, 2017 •

Recent leaks have revealed much about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Exterior images and internal specs have been leaked, leaving little for Samsung to reveal when the phone’s officially released. The most significant information leaked, however, is the release date and price tag of the Galaxy S8. According to sources, people interested in this phone ought to start saving — a lot and soon.   Read More ››

Android Instant Apps: What They Are and How They’ll Work

Android Instant Apps: What They Are and How They'll Work

February 18, 2017 •

Sometimes apps have too many features to justify keeping them on your smartphone or tablet. It would be a shame to forego access to a feature or particular option of an app just because it’s too big. To that end, Android developers are working on a new way to let users run software on their device. This is where Android Instant Apps come in.   Read More ››

DayDream and Tango: What Android is Bringing to VR

DayDream VR

February 7, 2017 •

Amidst all the virtual reality consoles that have been released this past year, Google has been bulking up an alternative technology: DayDream VR. Accessible through new Android phones with the addition of a single, affordable handset, DayDream VR is a unique technology that is quickly becoming a staple.   Read More ››

Nokia 6: What You Need to Know

Nokia 6 Thumbnail

January 15, 2017 •

When a new Android phone is getting buzz from the media, you can usually count on it being an offering from Samsung. While other makers have had minor hits on their hands, there is seldom any major stirrings in the media before launch. However, this has all changed. The Nokia 6 is coming, and there is a lot of discussion about whether it could be the next big thing. We’ve put together a list of a few facts you should know about this hotly-anticipated phone.   Read More ››