What’s New in Android 12

Android 12 (now in beta testing mode) is anticipated to be released by the end of 2021 in the Google Pixel 6.

Android, the operating system developed by Google that runs on so many smartphones, is due for an upgrade. Version 12 of Android (now in beta testing mode) is anticipated to be released by around the end of 2021, according to Android Authority, which projected that Google will release its Pixel 6 smartphone with Android 12  perhaps as soon as October.

For those not fortunate enough to be beta testers, here’s an overview of major new features set for Android 12.

Security and Privacy Enhancements

Android 12 introduces a new “Privacy Dashboard” that gives you a quick glance at how different apps are accessing your information. You’ll see which ones connected to your microphone, camera and location data details during the previous day, according to TechRadar. The dashboard allows you to change permissions on an app-by-app basis.

Sharing Wi-Fi

You may find it a bit cumbersome to share Wi-Fi access from your smartphone with someone else, which is handled by you generating a QR code for a person to scan to use your online connection. With the release of Android 12, you just tap the “Nearby” button, which activates the Nearby Share feature to deliver Wi-Fi access to people you designate.

One-Hand Approach

For people who typically have both hands full, it’s very useful to be able to operate a phone with one hand. Android 12 will include a one-hand mode. It lets you swipe down at the display’s bottom to drag the top half of the screen down, so you can more easily reach icons, buttons and other items with your thumb.

Better Notifications

Now, when users get notifications, these messages can take you directly to the app, instead of through a “trampoline” intermediary, as is the case with Android before version 12. This means you’ll get faster access to timely information.

Color Extraction For Automatic Customization

Android software engineers are updating the design, using a color extraction protocol in Android 12 that will take elements from the wallpaper you’ve installed, and then use them to match colors through the whole Android system. The look will adjust whenever you change the wallpaper, helping to customize the phone.

Mounting A Smartphone Running Android 12 for Safer Driving

When you upgrade your phone to the Android 12 operating system or purchase a new phone later this year with the new OS installed, keep in mind that you can use it more effectively and safely by going hands-free. That’s easy when you use a well-designed car phone holder. Less distraction and hands-free operation make for a better driving experience.