Is the Hole Punch the New Notch in Samsung’s Belt?

December 26, 2018 •

Galaxy A8s

Pundits who were predicting a hole-punch design for the Samsung A8s can tell us they told us so: the company has announced that the mid-range phone will make use of the Infinity-O display and hole punch selfie camera. The company acknowledges that the move is part of a new strategy that involves releasing new tech before rival Chinese manufacturers.

What We Know About the Hole Punch

The front-facing camera with punch out on Samsung’s new Galaxy A8s is the first of its kind. The front camera hole takes up more room than many commentators originally anticipated. It will require a new screen design, as the camera is now taking up space that previously was used for notifications. The new design means moving the notification panel and adding padding above and below it. Notifications will also be moved a bit to the left to account for the real estate taken by the new camera.

The selfie camera itself boasts an impressive 24MP. This is a boon for midrange users who have had to make due with lesser front-facing cameras in the past. The move also acknowledges how important uses like video chat have become by prioritizing camera quality in the front.

What Else We Know About the Galaxy A8s

The A8s has a large 6.25 inch screen. It will incorporate the Infinity-O, which is a true edge-to-edge display. The phone’s OS will be Android 8.1 at the time of launch. However, it will eventually be updated to Android 9, using Samsung’s new One UI. The phone will be available in black, blue, silver and green. No price has been announced yet. It will initially be available only in China, but should be offered in other markets soon after.

So, while you are unlikely to have found a Samsung A8s under the Christmas tree this year, this phone and other new tech will be available in the coming weeks and months.