Top Tech to Look Out for in Warehouse Logistics for 2018

Upgrade your warehouse logistics with top tech products and solutions in 2018. Include ProClip mobile mounting solutions as part of your investment.
Warehouse Logistics

The biggest changes in warehouse logistics in 2018 involve top of the line technologies. Whether you are interested in the latest handheld devices or full integration of the Internet of Things, these are two of the strongest tech evolutions in warehousing. Utilizing modern methods of tracking and processing product across the supply chain offer a wealth of benefits for your business. Check out how these products and processes cut costs and improve efficiencies, as well as how you can get started with smarter warehousing logistics.

Warehouse Logistics in 2018

BlackBerry is Back

Do you remember the world’s first real smartphone with the physical keypad, aka the CrackBerry? While the BlackBerry has lost all favor in the smartphone sector, it continues to reign supreme in the logistics industry. Enter the BlackBerry Radar, the year’s coolest solution for warehouse logistics. The system uses the latest tracking and sensor gadgetry including GPS and RFID to automate warehouse production. This tech reduces downtime and streamlines the time it takes to move product throughout the supply chain.

A Whole Lot of IoT

The Internet of Things is right up there with the top tech tracking solutions for 2018. Along with RFID tags and sensors, wearable technology helps warehouse workers access information and transmit instructions wherever they are in the warehouse. Examples already in place are smart eyeglasses by UPS that cut down on the amount of information required on labeling.

Connecting all applicable parties along the IoT increases speed and accuracy while reducing the amount of manual labor involved in the process. This year is the kickoff point for IoT technologies, as retailers alone will be investing more than $2.5 billion in IoT hardware by 2020. Concerns with using the Internet of Things in warehousing will have to be addressed. The main issue is trying to use IoT in a traditional workflow. IoT offers efficiency only if it is fully integrated into the system.

Upgrade with Tech Mounting Solutions

If you implement the BlackBerry Radar into your warehousing logistics system, you will also need to upgrade your mountable solution. Here at ProClip, our customized mobile mounting solutions are constructed from a top-grade material with smart designs. Contact ProClip to request information about choosing a mounting solution for your warehouse logistics tracking system.