ELD Compliance Breakdown | Who’s Responsible for What? Meet the IT Solutions Manager

Learn what electronic logging device related tasks are important for your IT department when working with ELD fleet solutions.

When setting up your electronic logging devices for your fleet, consider the task list for your IT solutions manager. As the IT manager, this area needs to cover issues like wireless internet safety and ELD malfunctions. Prepare your IT department to be compliant with Department of Transportation regulations involving electronic logging devices with the following information.

Using ELDs Safely Online

The main feature of an electronic logging device is the transfer of hours of service information directly to the Department of Transportation. This is a mandatory requirement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for all commercial truck drivers. To be able to send this information, you must have wireless internet connectivity for your ELDs.

Yet this puts your fleet at risk for cyber hackers through this connection. Protect your fleet by choosing either of the following compliant ways of transferring ELD data:

  • Transfer via telematics in which the driver sends data to a safety official as demanded using wireless internet and email
  • Transfer via USB2.0 and Bluetooth when demanded by a safety official

These are the minimum requirements for fleets. Any wireless transfer that goes beyond the local or telematics method, i.e., you automatically send data, is acceptable for compliance by the FMCSA.

Dealing With ELD Malfunctions

One of the biggest concerns with ELD technology is malfunctions. The FMCSA indicates specifically what to do if your ELD malfunctions due to technical failures or data issues. These issues include data loss, timing, missing data, data syncing, and data transfer, as well as missing driver information.

Until your driver returns to the facility with their ELD for you to conduct a repair, make sure they have enough paper logs for up to eight days. Also, note that the driver is required to send in a notice to their employer or motor carrier in less than 24 hours after their ELD malfunctions. This is important for maintaining FMCSA compliance and having a good CSA score.

Choose Premium Mobile Mounting Solutions for ELDs

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