The Top Five Android Apps for Road Trips

Getting ready to hit the road? Download these essential Android apps for travelers first.

Planning a road trip? Android has a wealth of apps in their market that can make your vacation better. Before you pop your device in the car phone mount and hit the road, prepare for your trip with these great apps:

  1. LibriVox Audio Books
    Eveyone’s seen that quiz with the list of classic books you should have read by now. If you want to up your score and expand your mind, listening to audiobooks of classic novels is a great way to catch up. LibriVox is a volunteer-supported project from The Gutenberg Foundation and offers free access to hundreds of public domain classics.
    LibreVox Audio Books
  2. Yelp for Android
    No matter where you are, you can find great restaurants, hotels and attractions based on local recommendations. The Android app even has a GPS feature to help you find out what is nearby.
    Yelp for Android
  3. Hotel Tonight
    This free app gives you access to hotel deals all over the world. Enter your location and you can explore last-minute offers at every level from a basic roof over your head to luxury resorts. This is a great alternative for times when you don’t know where or when you are stopping.
    Hotel Tonight
  4. MapFactor Navigation
    The basic navigation program that comes native in most Android phones has one serious flaw: it doesn’t work well when you lose your GPS signal. And, that always seems to happen when you need your mapping software most. MapFactor allows you to store maps offline so that you can do door to door trip planning in advance. It’s powered by the collaborative user-edited OpenStreetMap project.
    MapFactor Navigation
  5. SoundCloud
    The best trips involve veering off the beaten path to explore new places. Create a sound track to match by discovering a wealth of self-produced and unsigned artists through SoundCloud’s free app. You can even create a soundtrack that matches your itinerary by finding artists based on geographic tags before you go. Listen to the best bounce in New Orleans or dig into authentic bluegrass from Kentucky for an auditory trip that complements your destinations.

By arming yourself with an array of travel apps, you can find hidden treasures you’d have otherwise missed while making every part of your journey run more smoothly. Keep the spontaneity while also being completely prepared for whatever comes up.