Image Search Is Now Available in eBay’s iPhone App

The eBay app for iPhone added a new feature that lets users search by photos. Image recognition returns a list of similar results with no typing needed.
eBay App
Image via MacRumors

The less typing you have to do to search for items online, the less wear and tear on your fingers.

This is a consideration that particularly applies to people who rely on online marketplaces to find items that are difficult to affordably source from brick and mortar establishments in their local area. If you’re a frequent shopper, you’ll be glad to know that eBay recently added a new feature that lets users search for products by images alone.

Upgrading the eBay App for Image Recognition

For this upgrade to the eBay app, there is no need for you to download a new version to your iPhone, according to a recent report from MacRumors.

Instead, it looks like eBay is just providing the upgrade through automatic installations over-the-air. Launch the app to see if you have the capability now. If you don’t see the new option, you’ll want to try doing a manual upgrade to the app on your iPhone.

How eBay’s New Search Feature Works in the App for iPhone

After you launch the eBay app on your iPhone, simply tap the icon of a camera, located in the search bar at the top of the display.

Then, select the “Image Search” option. At this point, you can either take a new photo of an item you want to buy, or you can upload an image that you previously took using your iPhone.

Imagine the convenience and time you will save. For example, a friend shows you a new product and you would like to buy one too. Instead of taking the time to manually type in the product details (with perfect accuracy), a quick shot with your camera will now suffice.

For individuals who enjoy comparison-shopping in stores, but are interested in finding the best possible deal online as well, the new eBay upgrade will definitely make their shopping experience more efficient.

Once eBay receives your picture, its powerful image recognition system will return a list of similar items from its database. Users can expect the image recognition capability to increase over time, because eBay is using machine learning to improve itself as more people use pictures to search.

If you frequently use eBay to source items to buy, you can give your hands a break by mounting your iPhone in a strong and sturdy desktop stand. Then, you can review the search results and quickly determine which would be the best to purchase.