Top Educational Android Apps

Turn downtime into opportunities to expand your mind with these top educational Android apps.

Time spent sitting in waiting rooms, riding buses or trains or waiting for friends to show up doesn’t have to be wasted. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your social network of choice, make downtime an opportunity to expand your mind with these top educational Android apps.

TED Talks
Have ten spare minutes? Use them watching any of 1,700 TED Talks on subjects that include science, environmentalism, health and philosophy to live a better life. Plus, talks are translated into 22 languages, allowing you to follow along in a foreign language to build your skills. Which brings us to…

Ted Talks App

This learning app allows you to follow classes in a wide range of subjects. Pop your mobile into your car phone mount while waiting for a friend to get ready and get to memorizing phrases in the language of your choice. You can also learn about other subjects, including geology, history, science and pop culture.

Memrise App

This free and open online learning center allows people from all over to study any subject that catches their attention. IT career-oriented folks can study programming in languages that include Python and Ruby. Others can expand their knowledge of subjects that range from nutrition and elder care to psychology, history and even song writing. The Android app allows you to sign up for classes, watch lectures and even submit assignments.

Coursera App

Check out thousands of photos taken by NASA crafts, read the latest space exploration news and watch educational videos. All this educational content getting too heavy? Chill out with Third Rock Radio, NASA’s alternative music station. This app is as cool as anything you’ve come to expect from the people who brought us Velcro, Tang and that mohawked guy who worked with the Mars rovers.


It’s been said that the key to a good life is to always be learning. Make your phone a tool for mind expansion and turn times that would otherwise be wasted into valuable opportunities.