Best iOS Boating Apps and Boat Phone and Tablet Mounts

Pedestal and Pipe Boat Mounts

Nothing can ruin a boating trip faster than having your phone fall into the water, or any electronic device for that matter. The fear of losing your phone overboard can easily be taken away by having a safe place to keep it while you are out on the water. And with all the useful boating apps that exist, using your phone or tablet during your boating trip has become a necessity. There’s no need to worry about a wet device, our boat mounts for phones and tablets will keep it safe and easily accessible so you can access those useful boating apps and keep your time out on the water as enjoyable as possible!

Custom Boat Mount
With ProClip custom mounting solutions, you have a variety of options to find the best place on your boat to mount your device. Just like our Vehicle Mounts, our boat mounts have a two-part custom solution. The first part is finding a custom holder for your device, whether that be a phone, tablet or GPS. Our tablet holders feature heavy-duty key or spring locks to keep your tablet safe and in place when the water gets rough. The next step is to chose from one of our sturdy boat mounts.

The first option is our Pedestal Mounts. You can easily attach this mount to any flat surface on your boat, you can even get creative and attach it to the bottom of cup holder. Our pedestal mounts are highly customizable. We recommend our hollow core option, which keep your cords discreetly hidden and out of site.

pedestal and pipe boat mount with devices
pedastal and pipe boat mount

You can also mount your phone or tablet to any pole in your boat with our versitle Pipe Mount. The pipe mount is easy to attach and accommodates all ProClip device holders. After you’ve installed the pedestal mount or pipe mount in your watercraft, use our Locking Move Clip System to transfer your device and ProClip holder seamlessly from your vehicle to your boat!

Best iOS Boating Apps

MyLite Flashlight and Strobe
This is a great app to have when the sun goes down. It’s simple and easy to use, which is nice if you need to find something quickly and in the dark. It has a strong LED beam and a large selection of light features. One of those features being an SOS signal that will help you draw attention in case of an emergency.

MyLite Boating App

Wind Guru
Knowing what the weather is going to be like is crucial for any boating trip. The Wind Guru app is a great choice to find out if your plans are going to change. This app can provide you with the weather and detailed updates on wind strength and direction.

Wind Guru Boating App

Knot Guide
Any good fisherman needs to know how to tie knots. The fishing section of this app features has over 20 knots to choose from and photos to guide you through each step. And, if you ever happen to need to learn how to tie a knot for a different occasion, this free app allows you to choose from 17 categories and over 100 types of knots.

Knot Guide Boating App

Garmin Blue Chart Mobile
This app can help you get the most out of your boating trip, as it easily transfers routes to a chartplotter, and provides detailed maps with shaded depth contours and inter-tidal zones. It also provides weather, temperature and wind information for the places you plan on visiting. Even more, you can search for nearby marine services, such as marinas, fuel docks and phone numbers.

Garmin Blue Chart Mobile Boating App

The free version of skipper has a simple, easy-to-use navigation. It provides access to NOAA online chart viewer for planning and charting your boating trip. For even more, upgrade to the yearly subscription for $9.99, the investment may be worth it for you as it provides seamless data collection, access to NOAA charts you can store on your device, way points, routes, tracking, weather and tide information and other useful information you may need while out on the water.

Skipper Boating App