Apple Apps to Help You Get Over the Winter Blues

Do you tend to suffer from the winter blues each year? Many people are able to get over Seasonal Affective Disorder with the help of an app on their iPhone or iPad to deliver blue light therapy.
Apple Apps to Help You Get Over the Winter Blues

For some people, the onset of December means more than end-of-year holidays and time to spend with friends and family. They also can expect to suffer from a case of the winter blues.

Also known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, the winter blues is a condition that some individuals experience when they are deprived of sunlight during winter, according to a report at the U.S. National Library of Medicine. One method of treatment for SAD is to expose yourself to blue light, which you can conveniently do with an app on your iPhone or iPad.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light App

Developed by Alexander Stone, the Blue Light Therapy app is designed to stimulate the user’s brain with ripples of blue light. It includes soothing music (which you can disable) and a countdown timer so you can maintain blue light therapy sessions of consistent duration.

Rise & Shine

Rise and Shine App

Peter Matthews developed the Rise & Shine app to wake up users gradually in a more natural manner than being jarred to a conscious state by a blaring alarm clock. People who suffer from the winter blues use this app to gradually fade up light for as many as 60 minutes.

Philips Energy Light

Philips Energy Light App

The Philips Energy Light app was made to help users of the company’s goLITE BLU light create a customized program to boost their energy using blue light. A goLITE BLU device emits blue light for mood improvement and alertness, mimicking the light you’d experience during a sunny summer day.

Facts About Season Affective Disorder:

  • Some individuals go through mood changes in winter because of decreased exposure to sunlight
  • Symptoms of SAD include restlessness, irritability and sad or anxious feelings
  • The winter blues often make it difficult for people to concentrate
  • People can treat SAD with light therapy

If you have been suffering from the winter blues each year and are eager for a solution, using an app on your iPhone or iPad is a great way to get yourself back on track and feeling better. Exposure to blue light during winter months is easy when you have an iOS device. Keep in mind that using a tablet stand or phone holder makes it more convenient to position your phone or tablet for ideal exposure to the blue light of your anti-SAD app.