Three New iPhone 5 Adjustable Holders! Which one to choose?

We have 3 adjustable holders for iPhone 5 with small, medium & large cases. No matter what case you use, there is probably a ProClip holder for you.

ProClip has just started to offer three new adjustable holders for the iPhone 5 for use with small, medium and large cases. This means that no matter what case you use with your iPhone 5, there is probably a ProClip holder for you. But which one should you choose?

iPhone 5 Holder for Medium Cases

Adjustable iPhone 5 Holder for Medium Cases
Why start in the middle of the pack? Well, because this is the holder that most people will be purchasing. The adjustable iPhone 5 holder for medium cases fits almost all of today’s silicone and hard plastic cases; everything from the “Surface” case by Seidio; to the popular “Speck Candy Shell.” This holder is going to be the standard for most iPhone 5’s used with a case.

iPhone5 Holder for Super Thin Cases

Adjustable iPhone 5 Holder for Skins and Super-thin Cases
If you have a case described as ultra-thin, super-thin, or some other prefix-thin, this adjustable iPhone 5 holder for skins and super-thin cases is likely for you. This holder is designed to be smaller to hold today’s thinnest cases, such as the “Zero 5” by Caze, which is only 0.5 mm thin! This holder is also perfect for those of you who use only a skin on your phone. Something like the “Invisible Shield” by Zagg. These are very thin wraps that cling to the phone and wrap all the way around.

This holder will also fit the iPhone with no case, but we do have a precise fit holder for the naked iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Holder for Rugged Cases

Adjustable iPhone 5 Holder for Rugged Cases
Now we get into the big boys with the adjustable iPhone 5 holder for rugged cases. If you are the type of person who needs to have a rugged case for maximum protection at the work site or just for everyday use, this is the holder for you. Rugged cases like the Otterbox “Commuter,” Otterbox “Defender,” and the “Ballistic” cases are this holder’s specialty.

Adjust the Holder to Your Phone
All of these new holders are adjustable width-wise to accommodate many different cases. They have an advantage over typical one size fits all “squeeze grip” holders. On the face of each one of these holders are two Philips head screws. When you loosen these screws you can expand the arms of the holder to ensure a perfect fit to your case. Once you have the arms at the proper width, you re-tighten the screws. This process takes less than 30 seconds, and lasts until you change cases.

This design also means that the holders are compatible with many different types of phones, not just iPhones. In fact the holder’s arms have slots cut into them in case you use a phone that has its charging port on the side. So if someone else in your family has an Android phone or a Windows phone you may not need a completely different holder for them.

So now that you know which holder you need, run over to and pick one up today!