Surprising Things You Can Do with Android Phone Apps

Chances are, you always have your Android phone within reach. Learn a few surprising ways your phone can help you out in a jam with these apps for your Android phone.

If you are like most people, your Android phone is always close by. While most people regularly use it for playing games, keeping up on social networks and even making calls, there are a few surprising ways you can use your phone in a pinch:

Use It as a Thumb Drive
Despite the prevalence of cloud storage, sometimes you just need to transfer a file without going online. Plug your phone into your computer and choose “disk drive” instead of “charge only.” Then, create a folder and drag the files you need into it. This can be a great help when bringing documents to copy shops for printing during travel or getting movie or music files from one computer to another.

Use It as a Level
When you’re hanging a picture or poster, it can be hard to tell whether you have it straight. Make sure that it’s neatly hung using Bubble Level, a free Android app. With this app, you can hold any of your phone’s sides against an object to see whether it is level or plumb (in a straight line from top to bottom). It won’t replace your standard carpenter’s level, but, it’s a great help in a pinch.


Use It as a Speedometer
Broken speedometer cable in your car? Pop your Android into your car phone mount and use any of several free apps as a surprisingly accurate replacement. Free apps like X-Speedo, SpeedView and Ulysse Speedometer use your phone’s built-in GPS to calculate your speed. This is a great fix to drive safely until you get around to getting your car to the shop.


Use It as a Ruler
Need to take a quick measurement, but lack a ruler? There are several free ruler apps that can measure both inches and centimeters. As a bonus, most will also save your measurements so you can look them up again later.


Use It as a Compass
If your friend wants to meet on the northwest corner of Fifth and Main, but you aren’t great with directions, Android apps can help. Free apps like Compass 360 Pro can easily help you determine which way is north, east, south or west. As a bonus, most work without an internet connection, which can be handy when you are out in the woods.