GPS Horror Stories

We’ve all heard a bad GPS story. Some are at the fault of the technology, while others involve user error. Here are 5 of our favorite GPS horror stories.
GPS Horror Stories

Have you ever been led off course by your GPS? It’s amazing how this device meant to make our lives easier often results in constant rerouting and being led to take turns and follow streets that don’t exist.

We’ve all probably heard a GPS horror story or two. Most are at fault of the technology, while some can be attributed to user error. Here are 5 of our favorite GPS horror stories.

Lost with Apple Maps
Remember the fiasco with Apple Maps last year? Several people became lost and stranded by following directions from the app. It was so bad at one point that Australian police warned iPhone users not to rely on Apple Maps for directions.

Stranded on a Cliff
A group of California tourists became lost in Utah at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. They attempted to use a GPS to plot their route to the Grand Canyon but the GPS route they took included a series of rough roads that ended in cliffs. The group eventually was led back to safety with the help of sheriff deputies.

Driving into a Lake
Three women driving a rental car followed the GPS directions, only what the driver thought was a road was actually a boat launch. The SUV ended up in the water of the Mercer Slough Nature Park. All passengers were able to escape the car before it sank.

Turning onto Train Tracks
One man drove his car onto train tracks when his GPS told him to turn. The man had been driving parallel to the railroad tracks and when his GPS told him to turn right into the tracks, he followed directions. After his car became stuck on the tracks, the man abandoned it and the car was hit by an oncoming train.

Driving 400 Miles off Course
Two Swedish tourists drove 400 miles in the wrong direction when they mistyped their GPS destination. The tourists had intended to drive to the Italian island of Capri, but instead typed “Carpi” into their GPS. Their typo led them 400 miles in the opposite direction to a northern town of Italy.

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