Samsung’s Galaxy Note II: The Fabulous New “Phablet”

Do you like things big? The Galaxy Note II is the latest phone to straddle the line between phone and tablet. ProClip has 3 holders for your phablet.

Do you like things big? Then Samsung has the phone for you. The new Galaxy Note II is the latest phone to straddle the line between phone and tablet. All of the specifications on this phone are big. It has a 5.5 inch display, is just over 3 inches wide and is almost 6 inches tall. All of this bigness allows the phone to give you an incredible on screen experience as well as incredible battery life. And now ProClip has three incredible holders for your big new phablet.

Three New Holder Options for the Note II Without Case
First we have our standard Note II holder. This is a basic holder for the Note II used without a case. Like all of our newest holders it comes with a tilt swivel on the back which will allow you to use the phone in portrait or landscape mode, as well as 20 degrees of tilt in any direction. So you can get that perfect viewing angle every time. It also allows convenient access to the bottom of the phone, which allows you to plug in your own charger anytime you need some extra juice.

Note II Standard Holder

Speaking of extra juice, if you are the kind of person who needs an extra boost of battery power during the day, we have two holders with built in chargers. Both of these holders are for the Note II used without a case as well. They both also offer the convenience of being able to drop the phone in and have it start charging immediately.

Note II Holder for Cable Attachment

The first of these two is the charging Note II holder with cigarette plug adapter. This holder has a standard USB plug on the end of its cord and comes with a cigarette socket to USB adapter. This is the perfect holder for plugging in to a vehicle’s 12 volt cigarette plug, or directly into a vehicle’s USB port (if it has one).

Note II Holder for Hard Wire

The second charging holder available is the charging Note II holder for fixed installation. This holder also has a charger built into it but it comes with a transformer that is designed to be wired directly into the vehicle’s fuse box. This is good for anyone who wants a more permanent solution, or wants to hide the charging cord inside the dashboard.

So there they are; three big holders for a big phone, for people who live big. Head on over to to check them out today!