Finding the Perfect Car Mount is Just a Few Taps Away

Finding the perfect car phone mount is just a few taps away! Use our super easy mobile website to find your ProClip solution.
Perfect Car Phone Mount

Be it games or news, getting directions or texting–we use our phones, on average, a shocking 5 hours a day. We tap and scroll to find the latest and greatest and use our phones to watch television or shop at a moment’s notice. At ProClip, we believe it is just as important to keep you and your phone safe as you move about your busy day.

The ProClip Solution

Whether you start with a car mount or phone holder, our mobile site makes it quick and easy to find the solution that works for you. ProClip is a two-part mounting solution, consisting of a mounting base and a device holder. We have custom and adjustable holders available, both in charging and non-charging options. Our custom holders fit your bare device, whereas our adjustable holders fit your mobile device with a case. No matter what you need to be safe on the road, ProClip has got you covered. Even if you already have a holder, ProClip’s car mount will work with your existing holder.

[Video] Finding Your ProClip Solution Is Just A Few Taps Away

Watch the video tutorial below to see how, with just a few taps, you can find the perfect car phone mount.

The Perfect Car Phone Mount: ProClip USA Products

ProClip products are made of high-grade ABS plastic and will cause no damage to your dash. Our mounts are easy to install, taking less than 3 minutes. Find your ProClip solution today!