ProClip USA Wireless Charging Analysis – Do YOU Need Qi?

Qi Wireless charging is the hot feature right now. With that being said, many ProClip customers are asking why we haven't built a holder with Qi. Here are some reasons why.

Editor’s Note:

After several years of watching wireless charging grow in the industry, we felt it was time to bring wireless charging to ProClip vehicle mounts.

We have partnered with an industry leader, Scosche, to bring their award-winning magnetic wireless charging to our custom ProClip vehicle mounts.

Get started shopping for your custom vehicle mount, and add the power of the Qi Universal Charger today.

Qi Wireless charging is the hot feature now that Samsung and Apple both have wireless charging functionality built-in to the rear of their flagship devices. These devices include the iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone X, the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Note8. Customers have been pointing out Qi fast charging and convenience as reasons we should build a holder with Qi. We are currently looking into Qi, but do not have any firm plans to make holders that support it. Below are a few reasons why.

Qi Wireless Charging Phone Holders

Reason One

First, Qi version 1.1 (the most common version of Qi) charging is not fast enough to keep a phone charged while using it for things like GPS, music or phone calls. ProClip charging holders are meant to keep the phone charged while using it in a car. We tested Qi 1.1 in our current holders using GPS and other apps to see how much power was gained. After an hour of continuous charging while using navigation, the iPhone 8 had only increased in battery level by 1%.

Qi 1.1 outputs a maximum power of 5 watts, which is simply not enough to charge effectively while using the phone for other important car apps. The speed of Qi 1.1 is a concern when compared with our charging holder with USB cigarette lighter plug. Our USB cigarette lighter plug delivers a maximum power of 10.5 watts, which effectively charges the phone while apps are in use. There is a possible solution to this, which is Qi version 1.2.

Reason Two

While Qi 1.2 was released several years ago, many wireless chargers still do not use it. However, the models that use 1.2 are capable of delivering up to 15 watts to a device. (The new iPhones only support a maximum of 7.5 watts while wireless charging, even on a Qi 1.2 compatible charger.) This is plenty of power to keep a device charging while in use, but Qi 1.2 chargers tend to be bulkier than their 1.1 counterparts. This will make it difficult to fit into a ProClip standard holder built from the dimensions of the average smartphone. We will be watching Qi’s progress closely and continue testing when Qi chargers that meet our standards become available.

Reason Three

Potential safety concerns also exist for wireless chargers in the vehicle. The wireless charger uses a magnetic field, which some have been reported to interfere with built-in navigation or push-button start. Wireless charging was originally made for the household, meant to lay inactive on a charging pad, not while using a variety of apps in-vehicle. Current generation wireless chargers still need to be wired in-vehicle using USB input or the cigarette lighter plug. If you still have to use a cable, then what’s the benefit from a holder with built-in cable for charging? Why not use a charging option that lets you run your favorite apps while still sufficiently charging your device? ProClip holders also allow for use with the device with skin/case. Some phone cases will not allow Qi charging to function properly. Let us know your feedback in the comments below!

The ProClip Solution: Charging Phone Holders

If you are looking to charge your new Apple iPhone today, we have a solution: ProClip charging holders for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available now. We have cable attachment holders to plug in your own Apple Lightning cable. We also have charging holders with built-in cable for USB cigarette lighter plug. Pair with a custom vehicle mount for the complete in-vehicle charging solution.