T-Mobile and Sprint Merging! The ProClip Roundup Recap Blog

We're back with another exciting week of car and tech news on the ProClip Roundup, plus some bonus space news in celebration of Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be With You!

Hey everybody! We’re back with another exciting week of car and tech news on the ProClip Roundup. Let’s dive right into the things that grabbed my attention this week.

ProClip Roundup Recap

T-Mobile + Sprint Merger

The two mobile carriers have reached a $26.5 billion merger agreement. If approved, this agreement would combine the third and fourth largest carriers in the United States. The deal must be cleared by the FCC and the Justice Department, which may delay the agreement. Both companies however are confident that the merger will be completed by July 2019.

Backup Cameras Become Mandatory

A new federal regulation took effect that will require automakers to have backup cameras on all new models of cars. Backup cameras help prevent accidents with pedestrians, and particularly children. Backover accidents kill more than 200 people annually. The law got started back in 2008 with the camera requirement announced in 2014, providing automakers plenty of time to prepare for the regulation.

Tesla Sued for Patent Infringement

Tesla is being sued by Nikola, a hydrogen-truck startup company, for allegedly copying aspects of its semi-truck design. A Tesla spokesperson said, “It’s patently obvious there is no merit to this lawsuit.” The $2 billion-dollar lawsuit displays just how competitive the field of trucking technology has gotten.

Facebook F8 Conference

Facebook hosted their annual F8 conference in California, looking to put the concerns of privacy and fake news behind them. The social media giant is moving forward by doubling down on virtual reality. They’re making VR a priority with a partnership with camera manufacturer, RED, to develop a new VR camera system. Additionally, the announcement of Oculus Go, a VR headset that doesn’t require a phone or computer that costs only $199.

May the Fourth be With You

What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than sharing some of my favorite space news! First, we got a look at the most detailed chart of the Milky Way. The scientists involved say the project has given them new insights into the life cycle of stars.  Next up is NASA joining forces with ESA in a series of missions to bring back samples of soil from Mars. The mission will begin in 2020 with the Mars Rover collecting samples. Finally, Blue Origin, the private space company owned by Jeff Bezos has successfully completed its eighth flight test in Texas, featuring a crash test dummy by the name of Mannequin Skywalker.

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