Mount Your GoPro on Your Ford F-150 Raptor with ProClip

Capture your adventures with a F-150 Raptor GoPro mount that is designed specifically for your truck with a quality mount from ProClip.

F-150 Raptor GoPro Mount

Capture Your Adventure with a Ford F-150 Raptor GoPro Mount

It’s no secret that the Ford Raptor is one of the most capable off-roading vehicles on the market. The 450 HP truck is equipped to handle a wide variety of terrains from snow and sand to crawling over rocks. If you’re the type of adventure seeker that likes to share your action with GoPro footage, a rock-solid GoPro mount for your truck is a must! It’s time to ditch the flimsy suction cup and get a GoPro mount that is built specifically for your Raptor.

Ford F-150 Phone Mount with GoPro Mounting Plate

ProClip mounts are custom-made for the exact make, model and year of your vehicle. The Ford F-150 Center Dash Mount with GoPro Mounting Plate is designed to fit Ford F-150 / Raptor from 2015-2020. The mounting base attaches to the dashboard just above the driver’s side vent. Installation of the ProClip can be done in minutes with no drilling or disassembling of the dash required.

GoPro Threaded Adapter for ProClip Mounts

The GoPro mounting plate on the mount allows for you to mount your GoPro in a convenient location with the ProClip GoPro Threaded Adapter. The threaded mounting plate is designed to mount devices that use a 3-prong threaded adapter like a GoPro. Easily attach your GoPro and get it angled in the optimal position with the tilt-swivel.

Hands-Free Cellphone Mounts from ProClip

When you’re on the go, it’s important to keep your cellphone safely docked for hands-free use. If you use your phone for maps, music or hands-free calling, a ProClip provides a sturdy and safe mounting platform. ProClip phone holders are designed to fit your specific phone with or without a case. Simply enter your phone model on our website and enjoy safe, hands-free driving.