ELD Suction Cup Alternative

Consider why you should use a ProClip mounting device instead of an ELD suction cup. Stay safe and compliant with Galaxy Tab Active2 cradles.
ELD Suction Cup Alternative

Suction cup mounts for electronic logging devices or ELDs are not the best option. In fact, in several states, these aren’t even legal. Consider the problems you may face if you stick with an ELD suction cup. Instead, look at a quality ProClip product for mounting your devices in commercial vehicles and trucks.

Legal Issues With Mounting ELDs

The biggest reason you want to avoid using suction cup mounts for ELDs is legality. In at least 21 states including Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington, DC, these windshield mounts are illegal. You risk being fined or penalized during a Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection if you are using the wrong mount when driving in certain states. Here at ProClip, we keep you in the loop with information on the right types of mounts for each state. We will also help you choose the right mounting setup for your vehicle based on where you live and drive.

Temperature Considerations for Trucks

In extreme temperatures, such as hot, humid climates or subzero temperatures, suction cups are not the best solution. The suction is lost due to moisture or change of rigidity in the plastic used for affixing the ELD to the windshield. As a result, your mounted ELD can fall off and potentially become damaged. In addition, you are unable to access your ELD while moving in this situation and are forced to pull over. If you are a commercial truck driver working on duty, you cannot afford to do this. Save yourself the trouble and get the best in-vehicle mobile mounting solution from ProClip USA.

Compliance for ELDs

ProClip USA products for in-vehicle mobile mounting provide a quality suction cup alternative for ELD compliance. That includes all AOBRDs that were previously grandfathered in for the late implementation of ELDs. There are many options that will keep you in compliance with the December 16, 2019 deadline in effect for all commercial drivers. Our solutions include all necessary components for mounting an ELD. You can also use adapter plates to attach peripherals to your ELD cradle affixed to any dashboard or console mount. Available for new and legacy trucks, ProClip ELD mounts are user friendly and can handle drivers who are tough on tablets.

Stay safe and compliant with ProClip USA products for ELD mandate fleet mounting. Browse the complete line of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 ELD bundles.