Top ProClip Mount & Holder in March: Subaru WRX & iPhone X

Check out the Subaru WRX iPhone X mount (#855061) from ProClip USA. This mounting solution is highly rated by our customers for its strength, sturdiness, and versatility.
Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX & iPhone X top the list for early 2018 best-sellers. The vehicle mount is what makes ProClip unique. Subaru enthusiasts are raving about the vehicle mounts being custom designed to their specific make, model and year dashboard. Looking to buy or resell ProClip? Already read decent reviews? Check out the top performing ProClip parts for March 2018:

Subaru WRX iPhone X Car Mount

The Subaru WRX Mount #855061 has ranked at the top of the list for custom vehicle mounts for many reasons. Reason #1 is the strong hold. Reason #2 is the central location at eye-level. Reason #3 is it fits many different Subaru models including the Impreza, Forester and XV/Crosstrek. Subaru owners can also dock a COBB Tuning Accessport V3 using the #855061 mounting platform and #215199 Dual-T Adapter.

The iPhone X is still holding strong as the most popular smartphone of early 2018. The adjustable iPhone X holder is the universal option to dock your iPhone X with any small to medium size case. Popular case brands compatible with iPhone X holder include the OtterBox Symmetry, Apple Leather and Apple Silicone protective cases. #711013 includes a built-in swivel to tilt 15 degrees in any direction and rotate from portrait to landscape mode.

ProClip Subaru WRX Center Mount

Adjustable iPhone X Holder

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