5 Cars That Will Have You Looking For Winding Roads

Highways can be boring. Wouldn't a winding road be more fun? When you are looking for an adventure, check out these 5 cars that are great for winding roads!
Winding Roads

Highways are boring. On a long trip the navigation app on your cellphone might not even speak for hundreds of miles. Wouldn’t a winding road be more fun? Clipping apexes like a pro, tires biting as you turn in, feeling the dips and crests of the open road. Of course, for maximum entertainment you need the right car. Here are some suggestions.

Essential Characteristics Of Cars For Winding Roads

Rapid changes of direction demand a car that is low and light. Steering assistance should be minimal for good feedback and the ratio quick. The suspension will minimize body roll and the brakes must feel reassuringly firm.

Convertibles are fun, but many enthusiasts prefer the rigidity of a solid roof. Then there’s the question of transmission. Rear wheel-drive is desirable for superior cornering, but where arguments ensue is over manual versus automatic shifting.

A decade ago there was no question – stick shift was the only way to go – but today it’s open for debate. A DSG – or dual-clutch style automated manual shifts faster than any human, but is it as much fun?

5 Cars The Experts Love

Subaru BRZ

A compact 2+2 coupe, Automobile described this as, “exquisitely balanced and poised,” They also called it, “…one of the most fun-to-drive cars on the market …”

Mazda Miata

Nothing feels as good as this two seat convertible. Sure, it’s impractical and not especially fast, but Car & Driver said, “We guarantee you’ll love the Miata…”

Ford Fiesta ST

Yes it’s a compact, front-drive hatchback, but with a 1.6 liter making 197 hp, it’s a blast to drive. Motor1 called it a “firecracker” and said it would, “… cling to twisty corkscrew roads.”

Porsche Cayman

Moving up the price range, we find this hardtop Boxster cousin. Compact, powerful, and boasting impressive build quality, the Cayman never disappoints. Motor Trend described it as, “… a superb sports car with excellent balance, capable handling, and strong acceleration.”

Alfa-Romeo 4C

Extrovert styling draws attention and the 4C has performance to match. Available as both a coupe and spyder, this is built to satisfy driving purists. Of the steering Car & Driver noted it, “…sends through unfiltered messages from the road.”

Get out and drive!

With a great car and a winding road driving need never be boring. This list should get you on your way!