Top ProClip Mount & Holder in June: Ford F-150 & Samsung Galaxy S9

Check out the Ford F-150 mount (#855093) from ProClip USA. This mounting solution is highly rated by our customers for its strength, sturdiness, and versatility. Shop now!
Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 & Samsung Galaxy S9 top the list for mid 2018 best-sellers. ProClip is a two-piece phone mounting solution. The vehicle mount is custom made to fit your specific make, model and year vehicle. The cell phone holder is custom made to your specific device. The two pieces combine to create your in-vehicle phone mount. Both parts must be purchased to complete your ProClip phone mount. Upgrading from a suction cup or flimsy vent mount? Check out the top performing ProClip parts for June 2018:

Ford F-150 Samsung Galaxy S9 Car Mount

The best-selling truck in America for the last 40+ consecutive years explains why the F-150 ProClip is a month after month top-seller. Designed to strap across the entire top dashboard and attach near the windshield, the length of the mount adds to the overall strength and ability to hold larger devices. No device should compromise the strength of the F-150 truck mount #855093 when installed correctly. Also fits the Ford Raptor and the F-250/ F-350/ F-450/ F-550 of select years.

Samsung released the latest version of its flagship smartphone the Galaxy S9 series in April 2018. Since then, orders of the Galaxy S9 Adjustable Holder for use with small to medium size protective cases has risen to rival the holder for iPhone. ProClip Universal Holder #711042 adjusts to fit the case protected Samsung Galaxy S9 and features the all-new heavy duty tilt swivel. The HD Tilt-Swivel allows the holder to tilt and rotate from portrait to landscape mode for optimal viewing.

ProClip Ford F-150 Extra Strength Center Mount

Adjustable Samsung Galaxy S9 Holder