How to Attach a ProClip Holder with Tilt Swivel to a ProClip Mount

June 9, 2014 •

Our Tilt and Swivel Holders allow you to adjust your mobile device to avoid annoying sun glare on the screen of your device. Holders with tilt-swivel also provide you with the ability to view your mounted device in both portrait and landscape modes for optimal viewing and usage.

Attaching your Tilt Swivel device holder to your ProClip dashboard or pedestal mount is easy when following the brief instructions below.

  1. Remove the center screw holding the tilt-swivel base to the device holder
  2. Attach the tilt and swivel base to the dashboard or pedestal mount with the appropriate screws
  3. Reattach the device holder to the tilt and swivel base by screwing a nut into the center thread (make sure to pull back on the holder, applying pressure)
  4. Tighten as desired

Please view the following video for a detailed, easy-to-follow instructional demonstration.