The Mobile Warehouse – Material Handling Mounts for Samsung and OtterBox uniVERSE

Mobile technology was made to move around the workplace. Warehouses can get unorganized when devices are just left anywhere. Now you can keep the devices in your warehouse organized and your devices charged so they’re ready to be used all day long.

Start your workday by picking up the device from a desktop charging dock, then mount the device onto a forklift and finish your day by sharing the screen with any external desktop display.

Desktop Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Start and end the workday by docking your devices in a secure desktop charging location. You can even mount this charging unit onto any wall to optimize space-saving. It features multiple slots for many workers to use and charge devices whenever necessary. It is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro in the rugged OtterBox uniVERSE case system.

Desktop Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Series

Simply plug in your tablet to power a desktop-like experience on any external display. The ProClip Desktop Stand props up the tablet for easy viewing and features all necessary USB and HDMI cable attachments. The desktop stand is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active series in the rugged OtterBox uniVERSE case system and compatible with Samsung DeX device multitasking.

The Best Warehouse Forklift Mounts

Easily attach your device onto any forklift or warehouse equipment using the rugged ProClip mounting system. The standard forklift mount consists of three simple parts. The roll cage clamp, adjustable pedestal arm and the device cradle. All parts are built to withstand normal warehouse equipment shock and vibration.

Equipping your warehouse with the best forklift mounts, workstation mounts, charging docks and more can seem like a tough task, but you can trust our expert solutions representatives to make it easy. Contact a ProClip sales representative at 1-800-296-3212 or or submit your detailed product request.