DiabloSport Trinity 2 Car Mount: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Vehicle

Your DiabloSport Trinity 2 deserves a superior car mount experience. ProClip can hold your monitor under the most intense driving conditions.
Dual-T Mounting Adapter (for DiabloSport Trinity 2, COBB Tuning Accessport V3, Edge Insight CTS3)

Are you looking for a car tuner mount designed specifically for your vehicle? ProClip mounts are tailored to fit your exact make, model, and year, placing your tuner in the perfect dashboard location. The DiabloSport Trinity 2 unlocks your vehicle’s maximum power, and ProClip can hold your monitor rock-steady under the most intense driving conditions.

Your DiabloSport Trinity 2 deserves a superior car mount experience. Ideal for Mopar vehicles like the Dodge Challenger, Charger, Durango, and more, the ProClip Dual-T mounting system is compatible with DiabloSport and many other in-vehicle car tuners. Simply dock the tuner using one hand, set your desired settings, and enjoy a perfect view while you optimize your vehicle’s performance.

Key Features of the DiabloSport Mounting System:

  • Vehicle-Specific Design: ProClip mounts are built for your specific make, model, and year, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal positioning for your tuner.
  • Secure and Steady: The unique Dual-T Design offers secure lock and grip strength to prevent drops, even during hard acceleration or sudden stops.
  • Clear Windshield: Ditch the universal suction cup and enjoy a clutter-free view with the ProClip two-part mounting system, a major upgrade designed to hold your DiabloSport Tuner firmly in place.

Pair the dashboard-specific car mount with a Car Tuning Adapter made to hold devices with the Dual-T Mounting System. This combination ensures that your DiabloSport Trinity 2 is always within reach and perfectly positioned for monitoring and adjustments.

Upgrade your car tuning experience today with the ProClip DiabloSport Mounting System, and see the difference in performance and convenience.